New Jersey real estate: A look at responsible architecture and inclusive design

Steven Rindner, main street advisor, has years of experience in the real estate and architectural circles of New Jersey. Over the years, he has released a number of blogs on real estate, architecture, and everything in between in the Garden State.

For today's blog, Steven takes a look at some of what people call "responsible architecture." Responsible architecture is an umbrella term that covers architectural design and construction of structures and features of structures that make like better for people. Examples include micro-apartments, sustainable construction, and inclusive design.

Inclusive design refers to the features of a structure that are meant to help persons with disabilities, or PWDs. Over the past decades, local governments have put together architecture and construction guidelines as to what public buildings should have that PWDs can use.

The most common inclusive design feature is the ramp for people who use wheelchairs. Other than the ramp, peo…

Developers and the improvement of real estate in New Jersey

Over the past decades, New Jersey has seen an improvement of sorts in real estate. Both commercial and residential properties have generally increased in several metrics. This is due to the advancement of techniques and methods of real estate developers.

Many times, developers no longer tear down structures and rebuild. Upgrading properties has proven to be quite a money-saver as well. Steven Rindner Street Advisor.

A huge number of developers in New Jersey have also opted to go green, building properties based on the principles of sustainability. While this may cost a bit more than traditional construction and renovation, it does attract more potential buyers and renters primarily because going green leads to a decrease in utility expenses. Steven Rindner Main Street.

And while some potential clients may be more enticed by “fully furnished” homes, developers nowadays have leaned on the “blank canvas” approach. This means that any building or home being sold or rented ou…

A run-through on New Jersey’s real estate score

For the most part, New Jersey has a stable real estate market, except after the Great Recession. Composed of suburbs, New Jersey sits in the middle of cities part of the Union. People opt to stay in New Jersey for a more peaceful living compared to living in New York and Philadelphia. Steven Rindner Main Street Advisor.

NJ is set to experience massive growth in the following years, and this is one great reason for investors to flock to the state. Even as one of the richest states, having median family and household incomes—the second highest in the U.S.—New Jersey is still on its way to keeping up with the average wages across the nation. This dip was a result of the Great Depression. Steven Rindner Main Street Advisor.

The best cities in NJ

The development of public transportation across New Jersey was encouraged by the continuous flow of residents from cities such as New York City and Philadelphia. With enhancements in public transportation, real estate sales are set to rise.…

Reasons for visiting New Jersey’s Liberty State Park this summer

A popular destination -- Steven Rindner Main Street Advisor

Liberty State Park is one of New Jersey’s most popular hangouts and tourist spots, drawing in over four million people annually. It is a sprawling area that features a marina, a historic railroad terminal, and two famous restaurants. More than just being a modern U.S. landmark, it is also a prime example of how New Jersey is committed to urban environmental restoration. Steven Rindner Main Street Advisor.

Liberty State Park was built on reclaimed land that was once used by the railroad industry. The locale was once one of the country’s busiest transportation hub. Once called Communipaw Cove, Liberty State Park is today also a habitat for wildlife protection with its preserved 1,200 acres of water, shoreline, and land. Steven Rindner Main Street Advisor.

Part of the itinerary should be visiting the Liberty Science Center, the 300,000-square-foot learning center in the park that is home to the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium…

Understanding the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA)

New Jersey Housing Steven Rindner

The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, more commonly known as NJHMFA, is an agency that works on increasing the availability and access to safe and affordable housing for families based in New Jersey. The NJHMFA also works alongside existing affordable housing developments throughout the state. Steven Rindner.

In certain cases, the agency aids first-time homebuyers, the disabled, as well as senior citizens in the state’s special-needs communities. The NJHMFA believes that housing and families are influenced by the communities in which they reside, which is why its main goal is to build healthy and vibrant housing as well as come up with creative programs and establish alliances and partnerships leading to the overall economic development of New Jersey. Steven Rindner

Other objectives of the agency include funding affordable home mortgages (for new home buyers); encouraging owner-occupied and mixed-income housing growth for more stable…

Selling your Jersey home? Be sure to get these home damages checked out first

I’m Steven Rindner, a main street advisor and realtor from New Jersey. Over the years, I’ve talked to many clients and prospective investors. I’ve visited listed homes with potential buyers and facilitated a number of transactions. Most of them have gone smoothly. However, there are times when deals don’t push through.
One of the most common issues that cause buyers to back out of buying a home are the damages they see inside these houses. So, for all of you Jersey residents who are planning to put your home on the selling block, here are some things you need to have checked, and repaired if necessary.
Windows: Homeowners often take for granted the state of windows. Windows do a lot more than just let the sunshine in. They also help protect a home. On sunny days, you won’t notice if a window has problems. But when it rains, and your windows, specifically the sills have defects, you’ll see water seeping through. Have these fixed immediately.

HVAC: Buyers are especially sc…

Best residential areas to move in to in New Jersey

A great home in a busy state like New Jersey is hard to come by and one with a great price is even rarer. If you make a decision in haste, you could end up paying thousands of dollars more only to miss out on a better deal in an amazing location. According to main street advisor Steven Rindner, it’s important to know the different advantages you can get from different residential areas. Some might be closer to business districts while others are more advantageous for families. If you are looking forward to moving to the great state of New Jersey, here is a list of the best residential areas in New Jersey.

North Arlington: If you want a small town feel, but still get all the perks of living in a big city, North Arlington is the place for you. With a little less than 16,000 residents, this suburb in the Bergen County is great for families as well as business people as the area is just 15 miles away from the financial district.

Ridgewood: Another popular suburb in the Bergen County …